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BAO PAU Easter selections!

Easter is a time for reflection, renewal, and celebration. Many people choose to observe this holy holiday by fasting, either as a spiritual practice or as a way to improve their health. If you’re looking for delicious and satisfying meals to enjoy during your Easter fast, Baopau has got you covered with a range of flavorful options to choose from.

First up, we have the Pork Vegan Roll, which is made with vegan pork, avocado, cucumber, spring onion miso, and a creamy vegan parmesan sauce. This roll is the perfect balance of savory and fresh flavors and is a great option for those who want to indulge in something tasty while still adhering to their fasting restrictions.

Another option for seafood lovers is the Dragon Roll, which features tempura prawns, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki sauce, and sweet chili mayo. This roll is a fusion of Japanese and Western flavors, making it a unique and delicious choice.

For those who want something with a bit of a kick, the Spicy Prawn Popcorn Roll is a great option. This roll is made with rice, tempura prawns, avocado, cucumber, and rice pops. It is served with a spicy tomato creamy pepper sauce and miso sauce, which adds a bold and flavorful punch.

If you’re looking to try something new, Baopau has added the Vegan Duck Bao Bun to their menu. This dish is served with spring onion, coriander, cucumber, and carrot, and comes with a side of Duck B.B.Q sauce, which is the perfect complement to the savory flavors of the vegan duck.

If you prefer something more traditional, the Vegan Chicken Bao Bun is a classic dish that never disappoints. This dish features a homemade vegan chicken, carrot, daikon, fresh coriander, and spicy tomato mayo, all nestled in a steamed bao bun.

The Vegan Pork Bao Bun is another great option for those who love the classic bao bun flavor. This dish features vegan pork, spring onion, vegan slow, hazelnut, peanut, and miso sauce, making it a delicious and filling meal.

For seafood lovers, the Spicy Alaska Crab Bao Bun is a great option. This dish is made with a steamed bao bun, Alaska crab kanimi, soft-shell crab, cucumber, carrot, pickled radish, coriander, basil, and cañihua pops. It is served with a spice mayo sauce that perfectly complements the flavors of the seafood.

Last but not least, the Salmon Bao Bun and Tuna Bao Bun are delicious options for those who want to indulge in something a bit more decadent. The Salmon Bao Bun features crispy salmon, nikkei slaw, and creamy mayo, while the Tuna Bao Bun features seared tuna, avocado, crispy sweet potato, and miso sauce.

In conclusion, Baopau offers a variety of delicious and satisfying meals that are perfect for those who are observing the Easter fast. With options ranging from vegan pork to spicy prawns and everything in between, there is something for everyone on the menu. So why not check out their website and indulge in some delicious and healthy meals during your Easter fast?

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